Fitzpatrick Originals

Kathy Smith Fitzpatrick

A native New Englander, Kathy Smith Fitzpatrick received her formal art education in Boston, Massachusetts where she was born and raised.

A flourishing art career transported her to a myriad of states such as Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.
She now resides in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

As a commercial artist her portfolio contained samples of published work for various greeting card companies, art print publishers, children's book publishers and large direct mail companies.
Children and animals were her favorite subjects, so it was natural that pastel portraits became a side-line passion. She dabbled in creative writing and had several articles published for major magazines.

As progress in the art world burgeoned and computers ruled the graphics world, it became evident that the free-lance art business that had become so rewarding would never be the same.

Doll making was unknown to Ms. Fitzpatrick and introduced itself as a doll magazine on a rack...a simple piece of reference showing a lovely child's face became one of many reference books for the process of porcelain doll making. That was 1994.

Today, after winning more than thirty  two prestigious awards and nominations and designing for a variety of manufacturers she now creates her beautiful toddlers and babies in the collector vinyl medium.

Recently Ms. Fitzpatrick won the "DOLLS AWARD of EXCELLENCE 2007" for a doll named "Always A Little Lady" created for Paradise Galleries, a "DOTY " (Doll of The Year) "Industry's Choice Award 2008" for "Got Milk?", the "DOLLS AWARD of EXCELLENCE 2008"  for "EMMIE", and another "DOLLS AWARD of EXCELLENCE 2008" for "AUDREY" for "Fitzpatrick Originals".

"Kendall" has been nominated for 2009 "DOLLS Awards of Excellence" 5/07/09
"Paradise Galleries".

"Annie" has been awarded the DOTY (Doll of The Year) "Industry's Choice" for 2010
"Fitzpatrick Originals".